sophia twigt



and illustrative


you can find my work on instagram or on vimeo

niet thuis

animated documentary series

de wereld draait door - pastorale

animated book trailer

VPRO gids cover

illusrations about the future of Shell

de klimaatgids

online production about climate change

het ministerie van verzet

a podcast about the human part resistance

blocked, blurred and in the dark

animated documentary series about people who can’t or don’t want to be recognised

nationalism in Europa

animations about nationalism in Europe

european elections

animations about the European elections

yallah! yallah!

animation for a middle eastern dance night

land van afkomst

documentary series about

what origin means for people

noiva de cordero

a documentary about a town

where mostly woman live

dit is de toekomst 

stories about what future

technologies will bring us

editie animations

animations for the digital

version of de Volkskrant